Welcome to Floral Mile Dairy Ltd.

We are the best for local fresh milk deliveries near you.

Our milk delivery service is available throughout Twyford, Maidenhead, Marlow, Cookham, Bourne End and Medmenham.

Our products are locally sourced fresh farm products delivered daily to your door, Whatever the weather.

We don’t just deliver milk !

If you want any bread, eggs, yoghurt or fresh juices delivered with your milk, please just let us know.

You can check our prices below and easily contact
to arrange your first delivery.

Milk Products

What can we do for you?

We supply a range of milk including organic milk, plus other fresh and locally sourced dairy produce, all delivered directly to your door before 7:00am. We also deliver to schools, nurseries and offices.

If you are looking for fresh dairy farm produce & local milk deliveries near you, including Twyford, Maidenhead, Marlow, Cookham, Bourne End and Medmenham then please contact us to arrange your first delivery.

Check out our complete dairy product range and prices below.
All prices include delivery to your door.

Our Prices & Product Range for Local Delivery

Fresh MilkProduct RangePrice (including delivery)
1 Pint Glass Bottle Whole / Semi / Skimmed80p
1 Pint plastic Whole / Semi / Skimmed 71p
1 LitreWhole / Semi / Skimmed £1.23
2 LitreWhole / Semi / Skimmed£2.29
1 LitreOrganic Whole / Organic Semi£1.55
1 LitreSoya Milk £1.45
1 LitreRice £1.70
6 Large Barn EggsStandard£1.30
6 Large EggsFree Range£1.79
Fresh Bread
White Bread ThickHovis Thick Sliced£1.50
White Bread MediumHovis Medium Sliced£1.50
Wholemeal BreadHovis Medium Sliced£1.60
Fresh Juices / Breakfast Juice
1 Pint (Glass Bottle)Fresh Orange Juice£1.20
1 LitreSunmagic Pure Orange Juice£1.50
1 LitreSunmagic Pure Apple Juice£1.50
1 LitreSunmagic Cranberry Juice£1.50
Natural Yoghurt£1.35

“At Floral Mile Dairy, we use only the best products sourced locally from the best farms and we proudly put our name to that.”

The character of the UK countryside and the content of your fridge all rely on the work of the dairy sector and the people it employs.

We don’t just deliver fresh milk!

At Floral Mile Dairy we offer a range of dairy produce for local delivery to your door including, eggs, natural yoghurt, bread and a range of fresh juices.

So whatever you want for a delicious breakfast and a great start to the day, we can help and we ensure that all deliveries are made by 7am and that our floats are off the road before the morning rush.

Simply give us a call to arrange your first delivery, we would love to hear from you.

Did you know?

British consumers show their love for dairy every day. If any evidence were needed to prove that, then the fact that 96% of adults buy milk should be proof enough!

Hot on the heels of milk, comes great British cheese. The high-quality cheeses our members produce find their way into the fridges of 94% of UK adults.

Cheddar remains the country’s favourite, accounting for just over half of all nationwide cheese sales.

Cows about that!